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R.J.Ellory, rencontré au dernier Salon du livre de poche à St Maur. Petite discussion sur son dernier polar, un monsieur plein d'humour (anglais of course). Il a gentiment accepté de se prêter au jeu du questionnaire de Proust. Un grand merci à lui :o)




R.J.-Ellory.jpgYour favourite virtue ? Personal intergrity 

Your favourite qualities in a man ? The conviction and courage to maintain a promise despite obstacles

Your favourite qualities in a woman ? Empathy

Your chief characteristic ? Perseverance

What you appreciate the most in your friends ? Their willingness to let me be who I am

Your main fault ? Impatience

Your favourite occupation ? Writing

Your idea of happiness ? A house full of friends, with music, good wine, good conversation, good food

Your idea of misery ? The feeling that you have accomplished nothing of significance

If not yourself, who would you be ? A musician, undoubtedly

Where would you like to live ? Upstate New York

Your favourite colour and flower ? Cerulean blue, orchids

Your favorite bird ? Owl

Your favourite prose authors ? Faulkner, Steinbeck, Proulx, Capote, McCarthy

Your favourite poets ? Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams

Your favourite heroes in fiction ? Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe

Your favourite heroines in fiction ? Sophie (William Styron)

Your favourite painters and composers ? Velasquez, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Rachmaninov, Chostakovitch, Chopin, Gershwin

Your favourite heroes in real life ? Churchill

Your favourite heroines in real life ? Boadicea, Joan of Arc

What characters in history do you most dislike ? Hitler, Mengele, Goebbels, Tony Blair, George Bush Snr., George Bush Jnr.

Your heroines in world history ? Same as my favorite heroines in real life

Your favourite food and drink ? Soft-shelled crab, a great steak, a good red wine, a good Manhattan, bourbon

Your favourite names ? Lauren, Eleanor

What I hate the most ? Intolerance, bigotry, prejudice, cruelty to children

The military event I admire the most ? The Battle of Britain

The reform I admire the most ? Abolition of slavery

The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with ? To be an excellent guitar player

How I wish to die ? Very old, and still working

What is your present state of mind ? Optimism and hope for a better future

For what fault have you most tolerance ? The impatience others show when they are working hard to accomplish something, and they want to be better

Your favourite motto ? Success is entirely dependent upon constancy of purpose (Disraeli)

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